The writer (not much of a writer) of this blog doesn’t have any college degrees or haven’t even attended any seminaries; none whatsoever. I’m just a simple self-learned bookworm who reads Liber dilectatio anime i.e books, that delights the soul in Latin. What kind of books that delights my soul? Well, at least for me it’s the Bible, philosophy, theology, church history, and apologetics in which , of course, Litera scripta manet. Nevertheless, I do not consider myself as wise, intellectual or scholar. I’m just a student, hunger for more knowledge and still on its way for more learning and enlightenment. 

I was an atheist, turned theist-Satanist to finally a full blown Christian. I am a Christian and by this admission alone I will write subjects that are of my interest; for example, apologetics, theology, philosophy, politics to biblical studies. I believe that God exists and that He has revealed himself both by his creation of all materials and in Scripture. I also believe that atheism as a system of thought is unattainable (and always has been).

My main objectives in writing articles is to share my thoughts about what I believe in any given subjects. I’m not here to change any minds who otherwise contradicts with my system of inferences and thoughts. I do not adhere to relativism because it is plain and simple stupid and nonsensical. I also hereby believe that political correctness is dangerous and illogical if not dishonest. One of us whether a materialists or theists are simply mistaken and on the road to perdition.  Unless otherwise stated, all the opinions that I will express on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of any organization with which I am otherwise affiliated.

I do not believe for a moment  that  Christians or otherwise will always agree with me. Feel free to comment with disagreement/agreement but be considerate and respectful.

I will try to post articles and essays once or twice a week. Soli Deo Gloria!


One Response to “About”

  1. melody mular Says:

    Good day! I’ve had a glance of your posts and… (tagalog n nga lang) kong Filipino ka rin po pala. Very inspiring and informative ng mga articles mo. I’ll try to read each of them, mejo mahahaba po kc ska, straight english… Wow. Na-amaze p0h tlga ako nung ma-padaan ako sa blog mo. God is really a Great God! Basta, hard to explain by now…God bless p0h and may He do alot more blessing in your life.

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