Lars Ohly’s Polemics

By Reeves

Redefining the meaning of marriage has always been a big issue here in Scandinavia Sweden. The majority of Swedish politicians  affirms for marriage equality for bi-, homo-, and -transsexuals. Lately, a political left-wing leader and a self-proclaimed communist pundit, Lars Ohly has reiterated in an article against a political party that opposes in legalizing sex neutral marriage (KDS a liberal Christian party) and according to Ohly it undermines and disrespects homosexuals.

He also mentions that “one sex neutral marriage legislation do not constitute any threat against the so-called Nuclear family (oh, really!), but an admission of how we should look at family.” Ohly also complained that the institutional marriage has not been around for decades but has only been recognised recently about 1734 (no, my skeptical friend, matrimonial engagements has been recognised much farther than you could ever imagine). Besides, same-sex union has never been recognised as a norm not ever since the very conception of the human annals. No human society has ever embraced same-sex union. Homosexual marriage is not part of the human tradition of any human culture–it never been regarded as normal, morally equal part of any society.

I think Lars Ohly is missing a lot of points here. First of all, same-sex marriage is an oxymoron. Same-sex unions simply cannot be marital. Ohly’s critique are emotionally driven and inconsistently draws a straw-man argument. Second,  what did he mean when he says “disrespecting homosexuals”? Did he mean not accepting homosexuality? then he should have rightly chosen a correct word for it and not twist it to mean anything else.

Besides, “disrespecting” and “not accepting” certain behavior (homosexuality) is not at all the same. Christians should not give a slight disrespect to a same-sex oriented person but treat them with love, compassion and respect. Accepting on the other hand is totally diferrent. I still would be inclined to respect a same-sex oriented person but would not accept or agreewith his lifestyle. As a Christian it is okay to respect but at the same time it is not okay to agree or accept homosexual behavior. Ohly must recognise and differentiate between respecting and accepting as two opposite meaning.

There are lots of reason why we ought to uphold the real meaning of a “Nuclear Family” (consisting of man and woman and a child or more). Among many other agendas of homosexuals is to destroy the real meaning of marriage and family. It is no wonder why same-sex marriage lobbyists want to redefine the true concept and meaning of marriage. Historically and traditionally speaking, marriage between a man and a woman through the centuries has always been the paramount picture between male and female, even if the institutionalisation of marriage only occured in the early 17th century!